Why Your Kids Will Love Jungle Animal Wood Knob Puzzles 

Why Your Kids Will Love Jungle Animal Wood Knob Puzzles 

Among the most popular puzzles are the jungle animal wooden puzzles with knobs. These puzzles have been around for decades, and they do not show any sign of fading away any time soon. But why are jungle animal puzzles popular? It is because kids love them. Perhaps the next question should be why do kids love these puzzles? There is no single answer to that question because there are numerous reasons why kids love jungle animal wooden puzzles with knobs. Check the reason why kids will love jungle animal knob puzzles.

Mythical Element

The jungle is a myth to most kids, and it appears more like fantasy stories to them. Most of the jungle animals used in the puzzles are also surrounded by various myths as well. For instance, the elephant and the lion are some of the animals that elicit a lot of excitement from most of the kids due to the numerous mythical stories about them. Other animals that elicit such reactions the hare, chimpanzee amongst many others that kids have heard stories about. It is these myths that will keep your kid wanting to have more and more of these puzzles.

The Wow Factor

Depending on how the artwork has been done, there is always that wow factor when it comes to jungle animal wooden puzzles with knobs. The angles and the size of the jungle animals usually give the kid a kind of excitement with every puzzle. Therefore, there is always that element of surprise with jungle animal puzzle, will keep your kid wanting more and more.

Extensive Varieties

The list of jungle animals is endless. That simply means that you can get hundreds of jungle animal wooden knob puzzles and thus will keep your kids engaged for long. Therefore, if your kid is in a certain level of puzzle solving, you can have a number of puzzles for the kid to try out. That makes different from other types such as ABC puzzles which less flexible in operation. So with jungle animal wooden knob puzzles, you kids will various and unique puzzles to solve.

Ease of Use

Due to the familiarity of jungle animals to the kid, they will find it very easy to solve most of these puzzles without much help. That means kids can have fun on their own and that will help develop self-confidence which crucial in their overall development. Note that kids love having fun away from adults and jungle animal wooden puzzles with knobs provide them with that. These are some of the reason why your kids will love jungle animal wooden knob puzzles.


Check out these Benefits of Investing In a Good Knob Puzzles For Babies

Check out these Benefits of Investing In a Good Knob Puzzles For Babies

If you have got kiddo in the house, there are several things that you can do to keep them busy. One of the best things that you can do is introducing them to knob puzzles for babies. Well, these puzzles have become exceedingly popular in homes due to the numerous benefits they have for babies. Well, if you are a parent, we have rounded up some of the best things about knob puzzles for babies you should know. Check out this list:

Bigger Brains

One of the best things that your kid will benefit from knob puzzles for babies is a bigger brain. As the kid grows up, they need to develop their brain as fast as possible to handle more complex tasks as they grow up. Introducing puzzles has proven to be one of the most efficient ways of helping the toddler to develop bigger brains. These puzzles stimulate the brain to work harder and with time, and that is how it is able to develop fast. They are needs to fill in pieces, and that requires a lot of thinking to solve.  With a bigger brain, it means that the kid can improve its reasoning power thus enabling them to handle most of the mental tasks with a lot of ease. However, these benefits can manifest years later when the kid starts their schooling.

Strong Hands

One of the major skills that toddlers must be helped to develop from an early stage is the motor skills. How strong are the hands? Can they grasp things with ease? Well, these are the kind of questions that any parent should ask themselves. For instance, it would be good if your kid can start feeding themselves as soon as possible. However, with knob puzzles for babies, your child will be able to develop their motor skills with a lot of ease. They moving of the pieces over the board to the exact slot help them to refine these skills without much help. That is how they improve in the writing.

Less Noise

Ask parents and some will tell you that their kids will not let them work. What if you keep them busy?  Well, it has been proven that knob puzzles for babies is one of the best ways to keep your kiddo engaged. As long as the puzzle is interesting and they will be busy trying to figure it out. They will not cry or make noise thus giving you an opportunity to attend to other duties.

Benefits of Preschool Wooden Puzzles to Kids

Benefits of Preschool Wooden Puzzles to Kids

Puzzles have been used for years as a way of keeping people busy and engaged. Some may play it as a game, especially the elderly, to keep their brain active. But apart from keeping you busy, there are numerous other benefits associated with puzzles especially when it comes to Kids. However, it is important to note that there are different sets of puzzles for kids depending on their age. Wooden puzzles are the most common with kids. However, for kids almost about to join the education system, preschool wooden puzzles are the most recommended.

There are numerous benefits associated with preschool wooden puzzles. Unlike most of the toddler jigsaw wooden puzzles, these types of puzzle area little bit complex. But what are the main benefits does kids get from these preschool Puzzles? Well, here are some of the common benefits:

Improved intelligence

It has been proven beyond doubt that puzzles help kids in improving the cognitive skills. That is a fact that been proven beyond reasonable doubt. In fact, it has been proven that a majority of the kids who solve puzzles have a higher intelligence quotient. By solving puzzles, kids are triggered to think harder, and thus stimulate their brain growth. Their IQ is mostly higher, and that makes them perform better in both physical and mental activities. They can LSO make a better argument than their counterparts.

Better Academic Performance

One of the most significant benefits of preschool wooden puzzles is the improved performance in academics. That can be explained by the fact that puzzles help kids to improve their IQ and that enables them to perform better almost all subject. The kids have a higher thinking capacity than most of their age mates, and that is what makes them brighter in class. They can solve tough problems with a lot of ease thus making them extremely good for their age. So if you want your kid get better in academics, then you need to introduce them to preschool wooden puzzles before going into the kindergarten.

Improved Confidence

Confidence is critical for your kid growth and development. But they must be exposed in conditions where they can build it, and preschool wooden puzzles offer the vest platform. With these puzzles, kids will solve problems where they can develop confidence. That way, they will be able to develop both academic and personal confidence.

These are just a few of the benefits that kids can get from preschool wooden puzzles. But ensure that you have shopped the right puzzle for your kid.

Key Advantages of Stave Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Key Advantages of Stave Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Stave is one of the biggest names when it comes to the designing and manufacturing the wooden puzzles. For the time that the company has been around, they have created an impeccable reputation as one of the leading producers of the wooden puzzles. Stave wooden jigsaw puzzles come in different sizes to fit the various needs of the market. They produce for the entire market. But apart from that, what has made these wooden puzzles popular? Well, there are numerous factors that make Stave products stand out. Here are some of the main benefits that have that makes the Stave products popular in the market.

Quality of Puzzles

The quality of the wooden puzzles has been an issue in the market for the last few years. With the industry becoming more and more competitive, some producers are looking for shortcuts by lowering their quality to remain afloat. But for the companies of repute such as Stave, they a have remained true to the quality of their products. The company uses some of the top quality wood material in manufacturing their products. All stave wooden jigsaw puzzles are made from highest grade of wood and thus the quality is top notch.


Having been in the industry for an extended period of time, the company has incredibly diversified in its production. The company produces for the entire market and not a specific group. For instance, the have baby puzzles from as early as the age of 1 to 5. Therefore, they design and produce puzzles applicable to infants and the older kids such as educative wooden puzzles and preschool wooden puzzles for kids. It cannot also get lost that adults also play these puzzles. In that case, the company produces complex wooden puzzles for the elderly.


When it comes to making wooden puzzles, it is important to be creative to avoid repeating the same thing over and over. Depending on the target group, they must be provoked to think critically or else, the puzzle will not make any difference in their lives. For the Stave wooden jigsaw puzzles, they have proven time and again that creativity is the force driving their demand. Over the years, they have produced incredibly powerful wooden puzzles. These are puzzles that invoke critical thinking. Their products have remained relevant for years. That simply means that you can reuse stave wooden jigsaw puzzles for other users. So if you think that you will have more kids, you can store the boards for future use.

3 Things Parents Needs to Know about Wood Puzzles with Knobs

3 Things Parents Needs to Know about Wood Puzzles with Knobs

If you have a toddler at home, investing in wood puzzles with knobs would be the best decision you can make. As the kid gains immensely from these boards, parents also have several benefits to enjoy from them. However, not many parents are aware of the main reasons or benefits of having these boards for the kids. What some parents don’t know is that by buying toddlers’ knob puzzles, they will also be benefiting in different ways. So what are the main things that every parent should know about the toddlers’ knob puzzles? Here are the 3 key things they should know:

Toddlers get Bigger Brains

One of the main benefits that kids get from wood puzzles with knobs is brain development. Just with other toys, kids will be needed to think hard to solve the puzzle and that will stimulate the growth of their spatial skills. These knob puzzles introduce the concept of matching as the babies try to match the knob piece with the slot. What that triggers is the in the kid is the power of reasoning that makes then great thinkers from the start. That way, they are able to develop their thinking capacity by developing a bigger brain.

Stronger Hands

Another important thing that your kid will benefit from wood puzzles with knobs is fine motor skills. By having the knob pieces, the kid is able to develop strong hands that can hold things from a very young age. Weak hands are usually a problem with kids, especially when starting their schooling. The take time before they can be able to hold the pen correctly and that may make them be left behind by other kids. Stronger hands also mean that they can develop a better handwriting and great typing skills.

Less Noise

If there is one thing that parents will benefit toddlers’ wood puzzles with knobs is the reduced noise in the house. That is one thing that parents will love about having these puzzles in the house. These puzzles keep the kid busy and they will have very little time to make noise. In fact, the puzzles build the kids imagination in that they are so into it to be distracted by what is going on around them. So that parent will at the piece to carry out other duties in the house.

These are the 3 main things that parents should know about wood puzzles with knobs. There are numerous benefits that parents would get by investing in knob puzzles.

Advantages of Wooden Knob Puzzles For Toddlers

Advantages of Wooden Knob Puzzles For Toddlers

Puzzles have proven to be the best way to keeping the human mind sharp by improving their memory. For the toddlers, puzzles are highly recommended. They enhance their memory growth and improve/nurture their intelligent quotient (IQ) from a young age. However, the choice of the puzzle that you choose matters. But what are the numerous advantages of wooden knob puzzles toddlers? Well, here are the main advantages of wooden puzzles with knobs.

They are Easy to do

All the toddler puzzles with knobs design is to enable kids to play with them with a lot of ease. But that does not mean that they provide obvious solutions to the kids. Since they are for toddlers, the puzzles ensure that the kid does not struggle much to fill in. In most cases, common things that toddlers see in the surrounding make a major collection of the knob pieces. For instance, most of the pieces are usually the common household items such as toothbrush, cars, dolls, animals and more. However, kids are indirectly guided on how to fill in the puzzle.

Easy Grasping

Wooden knob puzzles for toddlers makes it easy for the kids as young as one-year-old to hold with a lot of ease. They are extra-thick and a little bit light to ensure that they remain steady on the floor or the table and that the child can carry them around with a lot of ease. The use of the large knob pieces enables the toddler to hold and move them around the board with ease.

Easy identification

The wooden knob puzzles for toddlers come in different colors. Each knob piece has the color painted on it and the slot it fits. That way, toddlers can relate the colors of the slot and knob piece for that slot. Therefore, the kid is able to develop the sense of coordination and overall thinking capacity through stimulation to think critically.

Done Over And Over

The interesting bit about the wood puzzles with knobs is that kids can do them over and over. In fact, you can keep changing them or increasing the number of knob pieces as the child progresses. However, you can also make them complex as the toddler progresses to keep improving the IQ and memory capacity. Maybe you might remove the aspect of color recognition to the filling of the puzzle a little bit tasking.