Caring for Wooden Peg Puzzles for toddlers

Caring for Wooden Peg Puzzles for toddlers

Everyone owning a number of wooden peg puzzles have invested a lot of effort, time and resources in them. You, therefore, need to take great care of the puzzles for long life and proper functioning. Since toddlers may not have the consciousness to protect the puzzles, parents should assume that responsibility. You have to make sure that the kids use them in the right manner and also appropriate storage. This is because various conditions may affect the nature of wood material making the material. Some of the possible changes include color fade, easy breaking and size and shape alterations. Among the tips to consider to perfectly care for the puzzles include:

Minimize light exposure

A huge possibility of color change exists when wooden peg puzzles for toddlers interact directly with UV light. An extended time of exposure results to darkening of the wood hence losing the appealing look. This often affects how the toddlers viewed the puzzles and may lose interest in them. Besides that, the puzzles might start developing cracks due to prolonged exposure to direct light. This poses the danger of injuring the toddlers while playing with them. Besides that, you might have a problem with color fading if you expose the board to too much sunlight. You should, therefore, ensure that the puzzles stay away from direct UV light.

Avoid too much heat

Other than direct UV light, temperature also affects the structure of the wood. Too much heat might result in shrinking or warping of the wooden peg puzzles for toddlers. These occur due to rapid drying of the wood making the puzzle. Too much heat can also cause the paints to fade away very quickly. If the board have some parts made from plastic, then they are likely to be affected. Ensure that the puzzles stay away from sources of extreme temperatures. Note that sunlight can also be the  source of heat.


Wood, the material for making wooden peg puzzles for toddlers, falls under hygroscopic materials. It can, therefore, react to drastic changes in humidity amount in the atmosphere. If it absorbs too much moisture, it swells and enlarges. This means that the puzzle pieces won’t fit on their respective slots. On the other hand, the inadequacy of optimum moisture may result in shrinking hence decreasing in size. It is, therefore, appropriate to ensure that wooden peg puzzles for toddlers stay in controlled environments.


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